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Miltec Circuits was established over 25 years ago due to the growing need for quality quick-turn prototypes. We are well known for our on-time deliveries, low cost and dependable quality. We do work in almost every industry from Aerospace, Medical, Computer, Lighting Systems, or Hobbiest.

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24 hour prototyping or 1 week turn production at an affordable price


Going from an idea to a schematic to printed PCB. Or submit a schematic for routing into PCB design files for fabrication. DFM, DRC, DFF, DFA


We accept any formatted design files and will convert if necessary to Gerber data RS274X. All designs are scrutinized for error before the fabrication process of your PCB.


From Prototyping to mid sized production, our assembly service is now easy and fast, you provide the parts or we can procure from your BOM.


Please send us questions and comments and we will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible -- Thanks


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